Bajra Roti Recipe

Bajra Roti is Rajasthani in cause however it is extremely famous in the northern locale of India particularly during the winter season. Bajra churma (disintegrated banjara roti) which is made with banjara roti and Chapatti is well known. Plain banjara Rotiesand is squashed into little pieces with hand then desi ghee and squashed jaggery (Guar) are added to make churma then served hot.

Bajra roti is produced using ground millet flour (Bajra ka atta). Generally, women make thick bajra roti with their palms and gradually broil over Kanda (bovine manure cakes) in Chula (open cooking stove) that gives this roti a smoked flavor and presented with handcrafted margarine. Nowadays we utilize moving the pin to move roti and cook on Tawa (frying pan). Bajra flour has less cement quality which makes it hard to make roti yet with training, it gets simpler.


  • 1Cup Bajra flour (millet flour).
  • ½Teaspoon red bean stew powder.
  • Teaspoon salt or to your taste.
  • 1Pinch of asafetida (Hing).
  • ¾Cup of boiling water or as required for.

Making the mixture:

  • Spread or ghee for roti.
  • Makes around 4 roti.

Bearings for making the batter:

  1. In a bowl include Bajra flour.
  2. Include salt, Red bean stew powder, asafetida (Hing) and blend them well.
  3. Include minimal high temp water at once and utilize a spoon to blend since water is hot, once you can contact the batter ply the mixture for a couple of moments.
  4. Make a firm yet not a clingy mixture, on the off chance that the batter gets clingy, at that point include more flour, on the off chance that the mixture is dry, at that point include some water. (Heated water makes without gluten flour.
  5. flour, on the off chance that the mixture is dry, at that point include some water. (Heated water makes without gluten.
  6. flour to tie and batter gets flexible and simple to roll)
  1. Work the butter with wet hands and make the smooth mixture at that point make a ball at that point spread it and keep it aside for in any event half-hour.

Bearings for making the Bajra ki roti:

  1. Preheat the Tawa (cast iron level frying pan) on medium warmth.
  2. Take some additional entire wheat flour for tidying on a plate.
  3. Massage the mixture with wet hands for a moment, and afterward generally separate the batter into 4 equivalent parts without framing into the balls. (Size of the balls relies upon how thick you need to make the roti)
  4. Presently dust your hands with the flour and take a bit of the mixture and fold it in the middle of your palms into a ball.
  5. Spot the bundle of batter into the flour and press level, cleaning the two sides.
  6. Presently place the batter on the moving board or chakla (Indian roti moving board) and with the assistance of a moving pin (Belan) tenderly with light hands fold into a 5 “to 6 “circle or the size you like. While rolling the roti to make roti even, move the moving board around and attempt to abstain from lifting and moving around the roti on the grounds that it can break effectively. You can sprinkle some dry wheat flour on the mixture while moving it with the goal that it doesn’t adhere to the moving pin. You won’t have the option to make an ideal circle since this mixture is simply of that nature. Bajara roti is rolled thicker than standard wheat flour roti.

. Presently pick the roti and tenderly spot the roti on the hot Tawa (frying pan), and let it cook.

  1. In around 30 seconds the Little air pocket will begin showing up, with the assistance of spatula.

spatula turns the roti over to the opposite side and cooks for 30 seconds. On the off chance that the roti adheres to the Tawa (iron), it isn’t hot enough, on the off chance that it is excessively dull or consumes it implies it is too hot to alter the warmth as needs are.

  1. When the two sides of the rori are cooked, at that point with the assistance of the tongs (chimta) tenderly lift the roti off the Tawa (iron) and quickly place it over the fire on the gas stove. With the tongs continue moving the roti in a roundabout movement pretty much constantly, cook from the two sides over the fire.
  2. At the point when you see dark or darker spots on the two sides of the roti, take it off the stove and slap it delicately over the cooking board to take the flour out, and afterward apply some spread or ghee. Serve the roti hot.


  1. Bajra ki roti ought to be served promptly hot in light of the fact that in the wake of keeping it in any event, for quite a while makes them dry and hard. So ensure you make it right when you’ll be serving it
  2. On the off chance that you have an electric stove, at that point assume a rack and position it over the burner, and afterward, cook roti over the rack.
  1. On the off chance that you experience issues in rolling the roti, at that point include 2 tablespoons of entire wheat flour in the mixture, that will make it simpler to roll the roti or utilize the plastic sheets: Pursue the heading underneath for rolling the roti.
  • Take 2 sheets of plastic and spread one over the moving board.
  • Work the mixture, oil your hands and take a segment of the batter and roll it in the middle of your palms into a ball.
  • Spot the bundle of the mixture on the moving board with the plastic sheet and press level. Presently take the other sheet of plastic sheet and spread over the mixture.
  • With the folding pinfold the mixture into 6″ hover or with the bundle of your palm press the batter in a roundabout movement and make a circle.

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