2021 best recipes

Dal Brown

A simple and satisfying dal brown or brown lentils recipe. This is easy and does not require much time. In addition, it is suitable for rice or any type of Indian bread. I like to drink a bowl of this kind of pigeon peas at dinner, sprinkled with a little lemon juice. It is also …

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Masoor Matki

Masoor Matki, whole red lentils, baby Masoor dal, or Sabut masoor dal are very healthy and a great source of protein and fiber. They retain their shape when cooked and taste great. Masoor daal can be easily prepared at home with just a few recipe ingredients, here’s the recipe. Ingredients For Making Masoor Matki whole …

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Chicken Bihari

Chicken Bihari boti is a classic South Asian cuisine, famous for melting in the mouth. It is meat marinated with raw papaya, milk, and meat softener. The meat is completely decomposed and softened by adding aromatic spices and then grilled to perfection. The reason why this dish is so unique is that Bihari Boti is …

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