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2021 best recipes

Easy Chicken Biryani Recipe in 3 Steps

what! Authentic chicken biryani recipe with easy-to-understand instructionsDelicious, traditional Pakistani and Indian flavors. The recipe includes tips on how to get the unique flavors of fluffy rice, tender chicken, and Indian rice. The test is perfect!I introduced this biryani recipe effortlessly. All I have to do is find the best biryani in Houston, slice it, …

2021 best recipes

Best Butter Chicken Recipe | Step By Step

A step-by-step Indian Butter Chicken recipe. This is the best Indian butter chicken recipe ever. But can you guess how this delicious curry originated? Of course, this is not traditional Indian food.Butter chicken is a modern Indian dish that originated in Moti Mahal in Delhi in the 1950s, according to Madhur Jaffrey (we always do …