5 Steps for Easy Recipe of Rice | Rice Recipe Lunch & Dinner

5 Steps for Easy Recipe of Rice | Rice Recipe Lunch & Dinner

What kind of rice should I use in the Recipe of rice?

Use regular long-grain white recipe of rice, not the easy-to-cook type. Easy cooking seems to be easier, but because it has a smooth, non-sticky appearance when cooking, it will not be very tasty and will not absorb the flavor of the seasoning sauce that comes with you (even if you convert it to fried rice, non-stick rice is also Does not absorb any flavor.) I only use easy-to-cook rice to make stuffed peppers-just because it cooks faster and I want the grain formula to have a different texture. The recipe of rice is best for such rice.

Rinse of rice before cooking?

No need to rinse. Some people think that rinsing is necessary to remove starch and any other unpleasant starches, thereby making the rice less sticky. If you buy high-quality rice (the store’s own brand is good), don’t encounter this problem. The rice may be a bit lumpy but not sticky. I prefer the lumpy rice-and the lumps can be easily separated with a fork. The recipe of rice will work best in this way.

Should I use cold water or hot water?

Don’t use it too much. The rice will be cooked on low heat, so a smaller frying pan better distributes the heat evenly. This tutorial will use a 1.8-2.2-liter (1.5-2 liter) pan to process about 4-6 servings of rice.

First, boil the water, then add the rice. The amount of water in the frying pan will determine the amount of rice to be added. The recipe of rice will be worthful by this method.

What is the ratio of water to rice?

If you really need to know the quantity, it is usually one serving of rice and one half of water.

Recipe of rice complete procedure

#1 add water

I added six parts of water to a frying pan, which filled about 1/3 of the pan.

#2 Extra-long grain rice

You can add rice with the naked eye-just pour the rice into the center of the boiling water, and then keep pouring it in until the rice on the left and right of the spoon falls above the water-as shown in the picture above.

#3 Turnover and put a lid on

After adding the rice, stir quickly and put a lid on the frying pan.

#4 Turn down the temperature

Lower the temperature immediately (don’t wait for it to boil again). For gas, cook at the lowest temperature that the stove can handle. For electrical or inductance, it may need to be higher.

Use induction level 5 (9 points) because my minimum induction setting is very low heat… you may need to experiment, depending on your induction hob. If you know the number/heat setting required to keep a pot of water boiling on the stove, please lower it by about 3 settings.

#5 Leave it alone!

Cook for 20 minutes so that the rice can be cooked evenly without burning the bottom of the rice.

Do not flip or open the lid. If you really need it, you can check it after 15 minutes, but if you continue to open the frying pan, the rice will not be cooked (remember, you can only use very low heat). After cooking, If the rice is still hard and there is no water at the bottom of the pot, just add a little boiling water and then close the lid.

Don’t worry about cooking rice-as long as you don’t have a lot of water, as long as the heat is low, rice can do a lot of extra cooking. I accidentally left my country for 30 minutes now, and it’s okay now.

The rice should look like this when cooked-there should be no water to drain it. If you want to eat it immediately (rather than turning it into fried rice), you need to use a fork to separate the fluff a little bit.

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