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How to make meat bananas in the oven eat is the primary element of the Eid al-Adha trip, so we brought to you the accompanying way crafted by meat bananas in the stove in simple advances and basic and flavorful taste:


Ingredients of How to make meat bananas in the oven:

  • Meat bananas.
  • Five sheep bananas.
  • Five garlic grains.
  • “Rosemary”.
  • Two tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  • Salt and dark pepper to taste.

For Rice:

  • five cups of basmati rice.
  • Ten cups of meat stock.
  • A cup of cooked nuts.
  • A quarter cup of flavors (cardamom, dark pepper, sweet flavors, cumin, cloves, a few).
  • كوب cup vegetable oil, or ghee.
  • Salt and dark pepper to taste.

Stove meat banana:

To cook rice:

In a profound pot over medium warmth put basmati rice.

Include a quarter cup of adoration flavors produced using cardamom, dark pepper, cumin, cloves, sweet flavors, and Lumi.

Apply vegetable oil or weight as wanted and mix until all flavors are appropriated and secured.

Include the salt and dark pepper, at that point add the meat juices to it and leave to warm until cooked.

How to make meat bananas in the oven cook meat banana:

Spot a bit of slim paper over a bit of spread paper to fit the size of the meat banana.

Include a decent measure of broiling oil to the margarine paper.

Put one banana on spread paper, include rosemary, salt, and dark pepper to it, in addition to garlic.

Close the spread paper on the meat banana and seal it, at that point close the tin sheet on it, and rehash this procedure for the remainder of the bananas.

Spot the bananas in the broiler for two to over two hours on the stove, and for three hours in the ordinary broiler at 180 ° C with the need to diminish the temperature to 170 after thirty minutes to 60 minutes.

Empty the rice into the serving dish and spot the meat bananas on it and enhancement with the simmered nuts.

The class usual way of doing things of bananas meat in the broiler this blowout, Appreciate a kick lunch with your family on Eid al – Adha.

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