Makki Roti Recipe

Makki Roti Recipe my significant other is out of the station; I entered the kitchen to prepare a comfortable supper and made some ‘chapati’ and ‘crude papaya kofta curry’. Chapati is the whole grain serve with the salad either vegetables or meat. It is the eastern side of food. In Asian countries, it is cooked in every house two to three times a day. Butter Roti Recipe, Tortilla Bread. Bajra Roti simple handcrafted naan formula utilizing a cast-iron skillet. Delicate, puffy, with lovely dark-colored, rankles simply like Indian eateries.

  • Planning Time: 5 minutes.
  • Cooking Time: 15 minutes.
  • Serves: 2 servings (6 roti).


  • 1½ cups Makai Atta (maize flour/cornmeal/cornflour (the yellow one)).
  • 2 tablespoons finely cleaved Coriander Leaves or ground Radish.
  • 1 teaspoon Carom Seeds (ajwain).
  • Warm Water as expected to tie the batter.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Oil or Ghee, for shallow searing.


Stage 1:

Strainer the maize flour in a huge bowl.

Stage 2:

Include finely cleaved coriander leaves, carom seeds, and salt. Include warm water gradually and manipulate a little firm and smooth mixture (like paratha batter).

Stage 3:

Separation it into 6 equivalent bits. Wet your palms with barely any drops of water and make round molded balls from each segment. Take a plastic ziplock sack and cut it from different sides. Spot the sack over a turning board and put one ball over it. All the while, begin warming the Tawa once again medium fire.

Stage 4:

Press the mixture ball a little with your palms and straighten it. Spread it with a side of the plastic pack and tenderly turn it out into medium-thick round molded roti.

Stage 5:

Expel plastic from the upper side and tenderly move the moved roti over your palm by flipping around it as appeared in the photograph.

Stage 6:

Presently effectively expel the plastic from the top as though you are stripping it.

Stage 7:

Spot the moved roti overheated Tawa and cook it for a moment.

Stage 8:

Flip it with a spatula and spread not many drops of oil over it.

Stage 9:

Once more, flip it after about a moment and spread oil over the upper side. Flip and cook until light darker spots show up on the two sides.

Stage 10:

Move it to a plate and spread margarine over it. Serve it quickly with Sarson da saag. Makki di roti turns chewy once it chills off, so serve it hot.

Tips and Varieties:

Include destroyed radish and cleaved green stew while manipulating the batter for variety.

Be delicate while taking the roti over your palm as it might tear.

Try not to make the huge roti as the moved batter could undoubtedly break and it is hard to deal with after that.

Use ghee to broil the roti to get the real flavor.

Taste: Light fresh

Serving Thoughts: Serve Makki ki roti with Sarson ka saag or saag paneer and a glass of lassi in supper. It can likewise be presented with tea in the morning meal.

It is a well known Punjabi flatbread produced using cornflour and for the most part, presented with Sarson da saag. Makki is a Punjabi word for maize (corn) and a yellow flour produced using it is the base element for this formula.

Generally, make ki roti is set up by leveling a mixture ball into a round shape by over and again squeezing it in the middle of palms in a pounding movement and afterward prepared on hot Tawa.

Be that as it may, this conventional strategy is troublesome and requires some training, so this bit by bit photographs formula utilizes a simpler moving pin technique. Be that as it may, This unleavened Indian style bread isn’t anything but difficult to move as maize flour contains extremely less measure of gluten and sticks a ton.

To beat this issue, a plastic sheet strategy is utilized that enables you to move it effectively. Notwithstanding this procedure, this Makki ki roti formula utilizes coriander leaves and carom seeds which add decent flavors contact to its fresh surface.

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