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Pakistani Chicken Pulao Recipe in Urdu & English

  • Chicken pulao is a top-rated recipe in Pakistan and other related countries. People love to Eat Recipes in which recipe is one of the favorite Dish. Chicken pulao is very comfort dish to eat. It is very perfect for eating some lunch & dinner…!
  • Let see….!


  • 8 oz.
  • rice yellow colouring1 chicken¾ pint.
  • chicken stock 1 teaspoon
  • chili powder½ teaspoon
  • ground cinnamon1 teaspoon
  • black pepper,
  • crushed½ teaspoon ground
  • cumin seeds½ teaspoon ground
  • cloves1 carton yogurt salt
  • to taste oil for frying½ teaspoon
  • saffron, soaked in a little lemon juice2 oz
  • . raisins2 oz. almonds8 oz. onions, sliced4 oz. potatoes1 teaspoon garam masalaSeasoningFOR THE GARNISH4 oz. cooked peas
  • Red Chilli Powder to taste.
    yogurt 1 cup.
  • water 1-3/4 cup.
  •  coriander Leaves 10.
  • sprigs, chopped.
    Salt as a taste.
    Lemon Juice is your like.


First Step is:

  • Wash the rice and soak for 30 minutes and then parboil. Add the yellow color in half the rice and set aside. Boil the chicken gently in the stock until tender. Remove the chicken from the pan, save the liquid, add the chicken. Now combine the next five ingredients with yogurt and salt. Coat the chicken pieces with the chicken. Pour some oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken gently. Add half the saffron, remove the mixture from the pan and set aside. Fry raisins and almonds. Roast onions and potato.

Second Step is:

  • Rice festivals of color, half onions, potatoes, and white rice, sprinkle each with a little warm spice and put it in the oven-proof dish. Cover the chicken stock with the chicken, cover with 1 pint of seasoning (US 1 ¼ cup) and cover with a lid or foil. Cook the rice and cook in a moderate oven (350 coke F. gas mark 4) until all the mic absorbers are in place. Dish out the beef biryani.

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