Easy Recipes

Easy Recipes

History of Easy Recipes:

Easy Recipes: The Mughal Empire (from India) began its rule in Pakistan around 1526. It’s cooking style, also known as Mughal, usually includes herbs and spices, almonds and raisins. Mughals are an essential part of Easy Recipes. Foods such as royal bread, sliced bread, milk, cream, sugar, and saffron.

Pakistan was a part of India till 1947. Although Easy Recipes clearly has Indian roots (eg ices are found in heavy use of spices), its recipes reflect Iranian, Afghan, Persian and Western influences for its distinct role.

Flavors and salts are an essential part of any Pakistani formula. Use the pepper in daily presence, bean powder, turmeric, pepper, pepper, saffron, cumin, pepper, ginger leaves, coriander, clove, cinnamon, clove, garlic, nutmeg and poppy seeds.

Easy Recipes Are Useful for Health:

The plans and dishes have proven useful in medical matters. It has been reasonably proven that the use of flavors and curry powder in food prevents certain diseases, malignant growth of the colon and in rare cases of Alzheimer’s.

Through the spread of Pakistani dishes, there is the benefit of common hard flavors such as clove seeds, ginger, turmeric, and cumin seeds. These flavors were generally due to their therapeutic capabilities, especially with regard to soothing conditions and respiratory problems.

Having a fair dinner involves using vegetables. These vegetables are part of the plans and are known to be the healthiest and most useful vegetables in the world. These include spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, garlic, onion, and eggplants. The use of vegetables prevents people from developing diseases such as gum disease and at the same time ensures a healthy dinner.

Some famous vegetable dishes are Alu Gobi (cauliflower with potatoes) and Pingan Pagar (salted eggplants cooked with herbs and flavors). In addition, they contain part of the most flavored pickles in the world called achaar. These pickles can be of any natural or vegetable product, but the most famous in the form of vegetables mixed with carrots, mangoes, teeth, garlic, lemon, and green pepper.

In Short on Easy Recipes:

It can estimate easy nutrition in most major urban communities in the world, and this can be attributed to the spread of Islam. Every food is served at all exceptional events, such as birthday events, business meetings, weddings, etc.

He has gathered part of the famous Pakistani dishes, such as fried beef fillet, worldwide. This tasty spicy burger combines a kind of convention and spreads the aroma of flavors and yogurt.

Steak served with mint (a flatbread, all eaten by land). Pakistani rice arrangements are prominent throughout the world. I use Pakistani basmati rice to achieve some rice arrangements.

Persians of the Indian subcontinent, such as Sindhi Biryani and Tahri, have attracted worldwide attention. The sauces and flavors used to prepare Biryani are nutritious and nutritious.

Pakistani desserts are also important worldwide. Everyone on the planet appreciates some cakes like frozen yogurt, eggs, and flour. There is part of the other known desserts that contain Jammon, Bungee, Alcalibi, Kalkand and Party Dogs.

Easy Recipe plans are also delicious and healthy. The use of flavors in well-intentioned nutritional planning has been developed to detect diseases. Part of the predominant flavors used in nutritional arrangements is ginger, clove, turmeric and cumin seeds.

These flavors have long energy for their attenuating properties. Pakistanis use spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, garlic, onions, eggplants, and occasional vegetables to produce different real Pakistani plans. Increased vegetable health benefits of nutrition.

Easy recipe to garnish is simple rice due to the use of flavors and years, and nutrition in the southern part of the country has become increasingly colorful and with more flavors.

These cultures brought different uses of herbs, flavors, and sauces to Pakistan, transferring common nutrients to common dishes. It is a top-rated recipe in Pakistan and other related countries.

Easy Tasty Famous Recipes:

Dinner usually meets with bread, unless the party has rice. The most liked bread is a flat round bread called Chapatti.

While a wide range of online plans for dinners is recorded, it is, however, amazing to note what is being used for different strengths.

Grilled chicken is one of the most loved dishes in the Western world. The oven is a rare open stove used to make grilled chicken, but Americans generally will use what is useful to do so, using a regularly roasted fire.

Chicken pieces marinated with yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, ginger root, coriander, dark pepper, garam masala, ground cloves, and cardamom make the baked chicken perfect. The common formula also recommends nutritional red shading, however, the taste does not change in any case.

In any case, the chicken should be kept in the marinade for 8 hours to 48 hours. Grilled meat. The grated marinade makes the chicken taste absolutely amazing. In case you prefer hot grilled chicken, you can also add cayenne to the taste.

Tikka Masala is also one of the best American and English teams. This type of chicken is prepared first with saltwater containing yogurt, chopped ginger, crushed garlic, white pepper, cumin powder, flour, nutmeg, green cardamom powder, soup powder, caramel, lemon juice, and vegetable oil.

The brine containing chicken pieces is cooled, usually boneless chicken breasts, which are cut into small three-dimensional squares, anyway for 8 hours. The chicken is then cooked on a hot stove for 8 minutes or nearby, then exhausted and cooked for a few more minutes.

A unique sauce is served with Tikka Masala, which is made from tomato paste, mashed tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, ginger glue, garlic glue, green pepper, cooking powder, cloves, green cardamom, salt, spreads, fenugreek and fresh. Ginger. Add nectar as desired. While the sauce is prepared, it is served with chicken. If you like extra hot things, you still have to add pepper to the formula.

Regional kebab schemes start in Karachi, and the largest area in Sindh is known for its fiery kebab, which is usually marinated with a mixture of flavors, lemon juice, and yogurt.

Barbecue is also common in some urban areas of Punjab, for example, Lahore, Gujranwala, and Sialkot in Punjab. Alhamra Café and Bundu Khan Kabab House are prominent figures in Pakistan for their taste and variety. Kebab Houses are one of the most profitable food organizations in Pakistan.

The fame of Easy recipe cannot ignore the use of kebabs so as not to be confused with the skewers, which are served with minced meat and vegetables on the stick. Pakistani kebabs include grilled meat or sometimes in a hot pan.

Often, the meat is loaded with different flavors and mix enthusiasm. Prominent meats used in this include hamburgers, chickens and sheep and have achieved exceptional flavor due to the sweetening of meat before the barbecue.

All About Easy Recipe:

Here, curry sauce is nothing like the sauces we offer in the restaurants of England and accompanies vegetable insects. This sauce absorbs the curry (pale mustard tones because they contain lots of fresh natural yogurt), so they are saturated and not as stable as those sold by street vendors, or those who prepared my best half with tea. Madras curry sauce is amazing. There were also many different wonders available to me.

One was the size of lemon here. They are smaller than table tennis balls filled with juice stuffed with juice. At this point, there are new foods that are grown from the ground for me. In addition, I need to understand that the grocery seller does not sell the natural product; You must buy it at a different store.

A trip to the bazaar to buy vegetables is a constant task. If I start to determine what fixes I need, I need to modify my summary based on something new that I need to try. The vegetable seller is silent with me and reveals to me how I cook things and what is going well. I still wasn’t off base.

There is a value, similar to sheep’s lettuce, which is cooked exceptionally with spinach. The new ring leaves are fantastic, as is the spinach, despite the fact that these pleasures are leaving the season now, I think in light of the fact that the storm season will begin. (I am really energetic because it will be my first experience of this natural miracle).

There will be no more Arabs (Jerusalem artichokes) and other root vegetables probably won’t be too big and I can guess that. It took me several months to understand that methy is a circuit board and that it gives nutrition an extra hit when used dry. Have you ever used fenugreek seeds for cooking before?

Pakistani cuisine is rich in oils, chili, and dishes, mainly, including meat such as chicken and hamburgers. The pig is not allowed due to its strict culture in Islam. We discovered that Chapatti is also called roti made with flour that is practically eaten constantly. Yogurt per ton is used in cooking in a similar way to a wide variety of curries and vegetables.

There are two types of delicious delicacies: Samosa, a triangle-shaped cake burned with oil, loaded with potatoes or potentially mixed vegetables or minced meat. In addition, beans are dug in flour and fried vegetables. Tea and milk are what everyone drinks in Pakistan.

Although each region seems to change the types of cuisine you eat, dietary patterns continue for the most part as before. It is common to eat with the right hand, the utensils are not commonly used, and it is important that you eat everything on your plate as a sign that you consider the nutrition you have received.

Easy Biryani Recipe:

Biryani is the Asian food recipe that is viral in the whole world. It is equally famous in all age groups. Mutton BiryaniChicken BiryaniBeef Biryani, Fish BiryaniVeg Hyderabadi Biryani, are Viral and yummiest to eat. All age groups are fond of these.

Baking Recipe:

Baking Recipes is a separate and popular making of eating Things. It is famous equally in all age groups like children and old once. Western ways of baking the things are very popular in the Eastern side, Now a day, in Asian countries many baking restaurants are present for the breakfast, tea parties, and Birthday parties.

Coffee Recipes:

Coffee is Drink liked by all groups of offices and students. Hand made coffee awake the brain and mind. Western and Eastern, both sides are fond of tea and coffees are Caffe AmericanoStarbuck CappuccinoCaffe AmericanoMocha Frappe CoffeeIced CappuccinoFlat White Starbucks.

Sweet Dish Recipes:

Known cakes include dessert, pure punch, foulouda, kheir, fern, shahi Turki and ras malai. In Pakistan, the candy is eaten in various celebrations. A well-known part is Gulab Jamun, Cakes, Biscuit, Barfi, Candy, Kalkand, Glebe and.

Ice-Cream Recipes:
Ice-Cream, not only the favourite of children but also of young once and old ones. All flavours of Ice-Cream are equally popular in all age groups. Easy to make but in an industrial area Ice-Cream is the big business. Chocolate ice cream RecipesFrench Vanilla ice creamPeanut butter ice creamStrawberry ice cream recipePeach ice cream.

Pakistani cakes also have a variety of unpretentious dishes, for example, Multani, Sohn Halwa. Areas that suffer from extreme cold during winter are popular for Gujarat Corona and Gulab Jamun. On the other hand, in warm climatic zones like Karachi, sweet dishes like Zarda and kheer are normal.

Zarda is a sweet dish based on rice with shadow and sweetness of rice. Few people incorporate Gulab Jamun in this sweet dish and nuts such as cashews and peanuts. Well made of rice and milk. The rice is cooked with a mixture and milk to produce a thicker mixture.

Similarly, it produces many candies similar to jams called Murrabba, an organic product preserved in sugar, which preserves the integrity of the first natural product. Any organic product can be used for this reason, but the most popular are mango, apple and apricot products.

During Eid al-Fitr, the goodness of cooked Siwan (vermicelli) is known instead of rice. Gujarilla is a sweet produced with chopped carrots, preserved with milk, sugar and green cardamom, and charred with nuts and dried organic products. It is as wonderful in Pakistan as several parts of South Asia, including Afghanistan.

Easy Chicken Recipes:

Chicken can be prepared from several points of view, including preparation, flame suppression, barbecue, terrace, bubbles, subject to its motives. By the end of the 20th century, poultry had become an important goal for food.

Chicken is the food for non-vegetarians. It covers about fifty-five percent of the hunger satisfaction of the people in the world. Chicken easy recipes like White Chicken in white papers, Chicken Qorma in red & Green Chillies, Chicken Manchurian in tomatoes sauce and Red chillies, famous in all age group Chicken Bake Things like Breasts, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Wings and Fries are also meals of every age groups which are tasted with Cold Drinks & Hot tea.

Chicken is repeatedly known as more useful than red meat, which has fewer measurements of cholesterol and soaked fats. The chickens had a great job in Pakistan. Saji is a Baloch dish originally from western Pakistan and is made from flavored sheep that have become prevalent in many parts of the country.

Another dish of Baluch meat includes building an external fireplace and gradually cooking the chicken. The chicken is placed on a stick, submerged on the ground near the fire so that the chicken is gradually cooked with heat.

Kebabs are the backbone of food, and one can discover a variety of kebabs throughout the country. Each language has its own variety of kebabs, but few of them, for example, Syrian kebabs, like kebabs and chicken tikka are particularly prominent throughout the country. For the most part, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa kebabs resemble an Afghan-style barbecue, which uses coriander and salt.

People love to Eat Recipes in which recipe is one of the favorite Dishes. It is a very comfort dish to eat. It is very perfect for eating some lunch & dinner…!

Pakistan is divided into four provinces, each with different cultures and regional characteristics. For example, the coastal province of Sindh has fish (fish) and other seafood dishes.

In Balochistan (the largest province) in western Pakistan, the chefs used the same method of planting all the goats in the wet pit. People living in Punjab (East Pakistan) are famous for their bread and cooking preparations.

Pathans, which occupy the northwestern border province, eat a lot of lambs. However, their cooking is considered to be weaker than in other areas. An oven bun eaten with cubes of meat, called non-kebabs, is one of Pathan’s favorite dishes.

Overall, milk, lentils, seasonal vegetables, and flour and wheat products are the most abundant nutrients that are the basis of Pakistani food. Chippers is a flatbread made of wheat and is an important ingredient in most foods. Its use is to feed on the food utensils.

Depending on the seasons, vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage (cabbage), buffy (buffalo), pickle (pea) and peas are eaten. Dhal (or lentils) is a lentil made with lentils, which is one of the most consumed vegetables.

Who does not like to enjoy a delicious dessert, especially after a delicious meal!

Well, if you think that making your favorite dessert at home will take all your time and effort, then we have some exciting but easy dessert recipes for you. Let’s try the Chocolate Ice Cream Strawberry ice cream Peanut butter ice cream Banana Split French Vanilla ice cream Chocolate ice cream or you want to beak a delicious Butter Cream Cake.

Besides it, Creamy Cookies Ice Cream is also a very good opinion. If you are really a Biryani lover then you must see the other Biryani flavors like Hyderabadi Biryani Recipe or Delicious Mutton Biryani Recipe

Your body is a wonderful machine. It is made up of many parts. Each part has a special job. All the parts the bodywork together So that the body Function property It is very important to look after your body.

To Stay Healthy Easy Recipes:

You need food to keep alive and stay healthy. Growing Childen needs to eat food that contains a lot of nutrition that found in Biryani, Cakes, Beef, Rice, Milk, Eggs Fish, and Beans Recipes.

Fresh Food and Vegetables are also very beneficial. You should eat food at regular intervals and should not stay hungry for a long time. You must eat a balanced diet So that your body will properly.

You must exercise daily to keep all the parts of the body in good working order. Regular exercise and fitness. It keeps your muscles and joints healthy.

It makes the blood reach every part of your body. Exercise helps your body use up the food you eat, So it stops you from becoming fat cycling skipping walking and swimming are some of the best ways to exercise.

Meaning and Definition of Culture:

Culture is the way of life Language Dress Style food Religious beliefs custom and Traditions of the People living in a Society. Our residence eduction religion arts and other activities are also included in it. Culture is the identity of people living together and Following specific customs and Traditions.

Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. It is recognized as a country blessing of nature and skilled people. Different languages are spoken here. It considered one of the best countries in the world.

Traditional Punjabi Recipes:

Punjab is the land of five rivers. It is the biggest province by the population which fulfills the need for food in the country. It has the most fertile land of the Indo-Pak-Sub-Continent. It has the world’s longest canal irrigation system.

The people of Punjab are known for their bravery, generosity, good diet and hospitality. They are excellent in skill development. The language of Punjab is Punjabi but Urdu is also spoken.

Pakistani Recipes is a top-rated recipe in Pakistan and other related countries. People love to Eat Recipes in which recipe is one of the favorite Dishes. It is a very comfort dish to eat. It is very perfect to eat some lunch & dinner…!

Pakistani Recipes

Traditional Sindhi Recipes:

Sindhi Culture Island of religious mystics and saints. The people of Sindh pay great respect to Hazart  Shahbaz  Qalandar Shah & others Hazrat etc. This province along with other qualities is rich in agricultural production and mineral resources.

People living interior Sindh and in the coastal area fellow their tradition. These people present the best social ways in their living style and hospitality.


Traditional Pashtun Recipes:

The Pashtun of Khyber Pakhtun Khaw is a hospital able and brave. They have kept their traditions alive for centuries. Their bravery and willingness to sacrifice is the bright chapter of our history.

In a tribal society, hospitality holds a significant place. Their marriage ceremonies and some other customs are quite different from other regions.


Traditional Baloch Recipes:

Balochistan is the largest province in terms of area. Traditionally the people are patriotic hardworking and peace-loving. They love their culture and historical heritage. Balochistan has a large reserve of Sui-gas good silver Copper Coal and other minerals.


Religious Festival:

 We have many religious festivals out of which Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha and Eid Milad-un-Nabi are the important ones. Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated after Ramadan.

On 1st of Shawal every year people greet one another and celebrate the Eid together Eid-ul-Azha is celebrated on the 10th of Zilhaj with full religious fervor and devotion. This Eid reminds us of the sacrifice of Hazrat  Ismail. People wear new clothes on Eids and pray to Allah Almighty.

Eid Milad-un-Nabi is celebrated on 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal every year which is the birthday of our beloved Rasool. Markets and localities are decorated beautifully. Minorities also celebrate their festivals. For example; Christians celebrate Jesus celebrate Baisakhi.


In most of the regions of the country, the work of handicraft is going on from generation to generation. Mostly, the woman does this work at home. In Sindhi, mirror work is done very skillfully.

Sindhi Ajrak is a very famous Enamel sng Meen Kari is done on utensils in Multan. In chiniof and Lahore furniture is made very skillfully. Sports medical and surgical instruments are prepared in Sialkot.

Easy food Recipes:

Different types of Food are liked in various provinces of Pakistan. Meat is eaten eagerly in all the Provinces. People living near coastal areas like to eat fish. The use of Milk, lassi, and tea is common in the province of Punjab. Kehwa is widely used in other provinces. The fruit is abundantly available and eaten in all the provinces.

Why Food is Important?

 Food gives us the energy to work and play when you do anything you use up energy while you are sleeping. It seems as if you are doing nothing. However, your stomach is digesting food, your brain is working your lungs are breathing and your heart is beating.

All of them need the energy to work properly. All  Food has different Food value some Food help you to grow some foods give you the energy that Food build up the fats in your body some  Food help to build up particular cells some Food helps your body to fight against germs and prevent infections. If you eat only one kind of Food, It cannot do all these jobs. So you need to eat a variety of Food.


Foods in the grains groups give us carbohydrates, which our body needs to produce energy. They are the major source of quick energy for us. Foods in this group also contain fiber which helps with digestion.

Fruits and Vegetable:

Foods in this group give us Vitamins and Minerals, which help our body to fight against diseases and keep our body healthy and fit. Minerals help us in growth too. We also get fiber from the Foods of this group.


 Food in this group give us proteins which are very important for our body. Proteins are bodybuilding foods. They help our body to build up and repair tissues and Muscles.


 Milk is Also known as the dairy group, this Food gives us calcium, one of the important minerals for our body. It makes our bones and teeth healthy and strong. We also get proteins from this group.

Fats, Oil, and sweets:

Foods in this group give us energy and keep our bodies warm. Though it is important to have some amount of this group in our diet, too much of these foods can make us fat.

Food energy:

The food body uses energy all the time. You need energy for work and play. You need the energy to keep warm in winter. You even use energy when you are sleeping.

The energy for your body comes from the food you eat. The food contains chemical energy. Some Foods like lettuce and tomatoes contain less energy. Bananas, Chicken, Rice, eggs, meat, and butter recipes contain a lot of energy.

Energy is released only after it has been broken down or digested in the body. Fats and carbohydrates produce heat energy for the body. Proteins also produce energy for muscle growth and repair.

All living things need food to live and grow. Plants make their own food. Animals eat plants. Some animals eat other animals.

The goat enjoys eating leaves and plants.

Human beings eat food that comes from both plants and animals. There are many types of food and drinks in this. How many different groups can you put them into?

Our muscle’s food needs to work. They will get strong if we eat healthy food.

All living things eat food to stay alive. Food helps us to grow. It gives us energy.

Fruits and Seeds:

Fruits grow from flowers. Fruits contain seeds. Some, like the mango, have only one large seed. Seeds are protected by the skin and flesh of the fruit.


Which vegetables do you like to eat? Human-like to eat. Humans and animals eat many different vegetables. Vegetables are parts of plants, such as stem, bud, leaf, or root as well as fruit.

Types of Vegetables:

They are the many and useful types of vegetables that are as follows.

Leaf buds:

Cabbages and lettuce are really buds. The plants grow from seeds. Almost the whole of the plants is made up of a bud. Each bud contains many leaves.


Carrots, Radishes, and Turnips are swollen roots.


Spanish and chives are leaf vegetables.


Stems can be hollow or Solid, round or square, rough or smooth. Sugar cane and celery are stems. Stems are also called stalks.


Potatoes, ginger, and yams are tubers. These are stems that grow underground.


Some vegetables are really fruits. The tomato is a fruit. The chili is a fruit too…!

Flower buds:

Cauliflower and globe artichokes are flower buds. The while parts of cauliflower are the vegetable. It is surrounded by leaves.


Broad beans and pays are seeds that grow in pods above the grounds.


The onion is a bulb. Onions can grow from bulbs or from seeds.

Do you know?

Tomatoes are actually the fruits! in science, the parts of the plants that hold the seeds are called fruit.

Parts of Fruits:

Fruits have a skin on the outside. They have a fleshy inner part. Fruits have a seed mostly in the middle.

Some fruits have only one seed:

  • Some have a few seeds.
  • Some have many seeds.

Seeds grow into plants. Many seeds grow into trees. Seeds are of many shapes and sizes.


Carbohydrates are macromolecules which are present in the various food product. They are range from simple to complex ones. They have varied sources and uses. Sources of simple sugar e.g. Glucose, Fructose, and Galactose are fruits, vegetables, Honey and cerates.


Sources are found in sugarbeet, sugarcane, and fruits.


Galactose is the main sugar in milk and dairy product.


Maltose is a complex formed by two glucose molecules, is found in cereals.


Starch is found cereal crops, Wheat, Barely, Mazia, Rice, etc.


Cellulose is also a carbohydrate the best example of cellulose is cotton.

Carbohydrates are a source of energy. It provides 17kg of energy per gram. We take carbohydrates as food long chain of carbohydrates are broken down in simple sugar by digestive enzymes.


Proteins make up more than 50% of the dry weight of animals cell. Each protein has its source and carries out a specific function. Source of proteins are…..!

The source in Animals:

Source of animal proteins are meat like mutton, chicken, fish, and eggs. They are used as food by human beings as they are essential for the formation of protoplasm.

The source in Plants:

Proteins are also synthesized proteins such as pulses, beans, etc. These are used as food.


Lipids are macromolecules made up of fatty acids, including oils and fats are the best examples of lipids…

Source of Lipids:

Fats and oils are high energy foods. They are the source of vitamins A, D, and E.

  1. Animals fats are found in adipose tissue cell-Animals secrete milk from which butter and ghee are obtained, which are the main source of fats and oils.
  2. Plants synthesize oils and store them in seeds such as sunflower, oils, coconuts oil, groundnut oil, and corn oil. These oils are used in vegetable oils or ghee for cooking.
  3. Marine animals like salmon and whales are also a source of oil. These oils are used as medicine.

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