Tawa Roti Recipe

Tawa Roti my significant other is out of the station; I entered the kitchen to prepare a comfortable supper and made some ‘chapati’ and ‘crude papaya kofta curry’. Chapati is the whole grain serve with the salan either vegetables or meat. It is the eastern side of food. In Asian countries, it is cooked in every house two to these times a day. Chicken Roti

Chapati is the staple nourishment for and an ordinary eating regimen of everyone’s. It is imperative to get ready delicate chapati, it depends a great deal on how you manipulate the mixture.

I savored my feast as appreciated each chomp.

Ingredients of Tawa Roti:

  • Atta (wheat flour): 2 cups.
  • Salt: 2 squeeze (discretionary).
  • Water: ¾ cup.
  • Ghee: for spreading.


For making the mixture:

Take a wide vessel; pour Atta; include water in little amount and manipulate them, till the mixture turns out to be delicate.

(The mixture can be made in nourishment processor moreover)

Spread and Keep aside, to be utilized following 10-20 minutes.

Method of Tawa Roti:

Step 1:

Make lemon size balls; dust ball with Aatta and roll the chapati with equivalent weight all around, move 5-6″ width, utilize a little amount of wheat flour to tidy while rolling.

Step 2:

Put this folded chapati into the hot Tawa; cook for few moments on high fire till it changes the shading, Turn the opposite side this side to be cooked somewhat more than the first side.

Presently hold the chapati with a tong and put legitimately on the fire, the principal side on fire, the chapati will begin to puff up. Take it off the fire before it starts consuming. The chapati is prepared
Step 3:

You can puff chapati on tawa rather than fire, and press it daintily with a kitchen towel it will puff up.

Step 4:
Smear some ghee all over on the chapati and it is prepared to serve hot or warm.


It is essential to cook chapati on high fire, it will be delicate.

Plying with heated water makes chapati delicate.

You can massage with milk or whey (leftover water of paneer).


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